Coping with Loneliness and Depression: Top 10 Helpful Tips

Coping with Loneliness and Depression: Top 10 Helpful Tips

Coping with loneliness – Loneliness can be defined as a feeling of sadness which results from the departure of a loved one such as a spouse or sibling. Depression on the other hand can be defined (also) as a prolonged feeling of sadness which is accompanied by loss of concentration and isolation. Both states are interconnected with each other even though they are not the same. Depression will lead to loneliness because a depressed person loves isolation (which of course breeds lonesome feelings). In a similar vein, loneliness also leads to depression because you feel sad and depressed when lonesome feelings persist. In this article, both are treated together and various tips for coping with loneliness and depression are offered.

One of the most important things you should do immediately you observe that a relative or friend is depressed is to help try and figure out the cause of this state of mind. Did he just lose someone special? Was he just laid off at his place of work? Did someone so dear to him travel recently? All these are questions you should ask yourself in your bid to find out the true cause of depression/loneliness in your depressed friend or relative. After the cause has been successfully figured out, then try out the following ten coping skills for depression which are also very effective in dealing with loneliness.

Top 10 Tips For Coping With Loneliness and Depression

  1. Ensure that the victim stays away from isolation as this will breed inward grief. Encourage him to socialize and mix with people as this will improve his mood and make him get better with time.
  2. Make the victim see the positive side of things. If he is feeling lonely due to the departure of someone he loves, try and remind of the closeness of the date of that person’s return. If unfortunately, he is feeling depressed due to the loss of a loved one, then try as much as possible to make him happy and remind him that life must just go on.
  3. Make the person eat natural anti-depression foods such as omega-3 fatty acid foods, fruits and vegetables. These will help reduce the chemical substances which accumulate in the body to cause depression and other psychological problems.
  4. Let the victim engage in any activity that he loves. If he loves to bicycle for example, then encourage him to do that.
  5. Exercise also helps to reduce depression by inhibiting the accumulation of pro-depression chemical substances in the body. So, encourage the victim to engage in exercise regularly.
  6. Try to break the victim’s silence at all times. Do not leave him to remain silent for long as this may make sad memories resurface on his mind. So, try asking him questions, giving him gists, and cracking jokes with him anytime he seems to be keeping quiet for too long.
  7. Try as much as possible to reverse circumstances if possible. For example, if a young girl feels depressed because she was separated from her parents to leave with her uncle, then it is best to return her to her parents if possible as this will save her from further psychological trauma.
  8. Avoid worsening the situation by causing the victim further upsets. Try as much as possible to stay away from anything which the victim dislikes.
  9. Place the victim on anti-depressant drugs. However, these drugs must only be used after seeking a doctor’s advice.
  10. Visiting a psychotherapist or counselor

By applying all the tips highlighted above, loneliness and depression will be eliminated as they are very effective tips for overcoming loneliness and depression.

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