How To Fight Depression Without Drugs At Home, Work & During Pregnancy

how to fight depression without drugs

Depression is a condition which affects the mental health of an individual. Many people experience it at least once in their life time. Most cases of depression occur temporarily and will eventually pass with adequate personal and professional therapy.

Depression first targets the mind and thinking faculty of individuals. In severe situations people have been known to hear voices which encourage them to perpetrate harmful acts against themselves and against others as well.

How To Fight Depression

In some, depression is a psychological disorder which they have to be treated for most likely all their lives. In others it could be a side effect of a few substances ingested or as a result of hormonal imbalance of some sort. This condition of depression has been known to be hereditary in the cases of some and in some it happens for inexplicable reasons.

It could possibly occur as a result of unpleasant circumstances and experiences which one is exposed to in life like the loss of a loved one, continuous failure in one capacity or the other, physical disabilities, loneliness, abuse, addiction etc.

Whatever may be the reason for a case of depression, it is advisable to catch it on time and appropriately address it before it escalates into tragic circumstances.

How To Know If A Person Is Depressed

Those in depressive states display certain peculiar characteristics which one can often pin point if adequate attention is paid. Depression is first an attack on the mind and then this attack spreads, taking hold of the personality of a person.

Depressed people are often sad and discouraged as such very pessimistic. This kind of change is very easy to spot especially in people who prior to that time were lively and happy. They are often very emotional considering their mind is in constant turmoil and full of unstable feelings.

They tend to be snappy and short tempered, easily angered, regularly on the defensive and out rightly irrational in certain instances. Depressed people lack the zeal to do anything, be it pleasant or not. To the independent observer such displays may be termed as laziness but when closely viewed depression may just be the reason for it.

People suffering from a depression experience just about every negative thought you can point to. Worthlessness, hopelessness, they feel like failures, are always in a worrisome state, always tired, some over sleep others cannot get any sleep. Some people tend to over eat and rapidly gain weight while others lack the appetite for food and lose a lot of weight.

In some, depression is not clearly obvious as they are able to cleverly hide these signs from the general public and would only acknowledge their condition in the privacy of their own company. This kind is usually the worst as offering help to someone who seems fine would never occur to you.

Most people who are in a depressed state are usually aware of their condition. It is for this reason that those experiencing this are encouraged to speak up and not go on this journey alone.

How To Fight Depression Without Drugs

Various kinds of drugs and natural herbal treatments are usually prescribed for people suffering from depression. These treatments are of great help to many in putting an end to their condition or at the very least bringing it under control. Some people however prefer to trade these treatments for more natural therapies which do not involve drugs.

Self development is the act of building up your emotional and mental strength and capacity. It can be built up to such a level where circumstances and situations hardly pull you down for long. This therapy has been proven to work just well for some folks in fighting depression.

The training of your mind and thoughts to resist succumbing to depression should it want to arise is a good start. A strong mind is enough to stand up against the hold depression may have on a person.

Self development however takes a whole lot of time and commitment to achieve; it is a never ending process. There are great materials and resources for this development on the internet and in just about every book store.

There is also the option of religion. Many people have been known to turn to various forms of religion which promise a peaceful and untroubled mind when you access the spiritual. This is achieved by communing with the supernatural and taking up soul searching quests. There have been a number of success stories from people who have made use of this method before.

Joining support groups and getting in touch with people who have been in your condition at one point in the past and overcame can be a source of therapy and encouragement. Sometimes sharing what you feel and getting deeply rooted worries and problems off your mind may be the healing needed to overcome this state.

There are some cases of depression which uncompromisingly require not just therapy but drugs to help fight it properly. In such scenarios, it is best to stick with the recommended treatments just to be on the safe side.

 How To Fight Depression Alone

Fighting depression alone is not the best therapy. Doing this often lead people deeper into depression rather than curing it. This is not to say going at it alone has not worked for a few people in the past. However if you fight depression with adequate support and help, you stand a better chance of winning this fight faster and with more ease than if you tried doing it alone. The burden is always lighter when you have someone to share it with.

Attempting to beat depression alone is not easily achieved or advisable. However you could try conquering your mind. This involves you telling your mind what to think as opposed to the negative and depressing dictates of your mind. But this step takes time to achieve. It is not an instant remedy and prolonged depression is very dangerous.

It is best and highly recommended not to be alone when passing through depression. Believing you can fight depression all alone without help is a wrong mind set to have and a dangerous one too. This condition often leaves you feeling lonely, unloved and not needed.

When left alone you tend to dwell more on those negative thoughts and voices which would only make things worse. Therefore it is good you reach out to another human a loved one or a doctor. Depression should not be taken for granted it could even be an early sign of one form of physical health issue or the other.

How To Fight Depression At Work

Being depressed at work can reduce your overall performance and disrupt your relationship with customers and co-workers alike. When addressing this issue you need to find out where the fault is coming from. Is the depression as a result of something else in your life or is it as a result of the job in question. This is the first thing to be determined.

If your depression is from you and not the job, then getting help as soon as possible is necessary so the condition does not worsen.

How do you know if your job is the reason for your depression? Does your work open you up to extreme stress, is it over demanding, does it subject you to emotional and verbal abuse by bosses and colleagues alike, do you feel unfulfilled and unhappy with your current job, inadequate working atmosphere and poor salary payment etc. If such is the case then a change of working environment may be the best remedy for your state of depression.

Being happy and finding fulfillment in the things we do brings with it a certain kind of peace as opposed to just settling for what you can get. If you have limited choices in the kinds of jobs you can secure and would rather stay in that environment then get professional help to deal with your kind of depression don’t ignore it.

How To Fight Depression During Pregnancy

During this stage in a woman’s life, hormonal imbalance and changes in the body is expected. For some women these changes bring along with it several side effects one of which could be depression.

Depression during pregnancy may also be triggered by abusive relationships, losing former pregnancies and such. The signs and symptoms of depression though generally the same could be mistaken for normal pregnancy behaviors.

If you are filled with an overwhelming level of energy draining negative emotions and regularly entertain thoughts of hurting yourself or the unborn child. Such thoughts are definitely not normal thoughts and are signs of a depression. It is time to seek medical help.

Don’t try to solve the problem by yourself or self medicate for your sake and the sake of your baby as well seek the help of a qualified personnel immediately.

Adequate prescriptions and therapy will be given to aid you on this journey. Going through pregnancy takes a lot of strength and courage. Being pregnant and depressed certainly means you need more care and support, so speak up and reach out for help.

Depression is more common and more serious than most people think; it’s a problem which should never be ignored.