How To Deal With Depression & Anxiety During Holidays

how to deal with depression during holidays

Depression is a condition or a disorder which is characterized by negative emotions like: constant moodiness, lack of motivation, sadness, self hate, worthlessness, suicidal thoughts or attempts and the likes. It is a condition most common in teenagers and adults. The major cause of this ailment cannot be out rightly pin pointed as it could occur for a variety of reasons. Depression could be as a result of a mental disorder, could be due to changes in the hormonal balance of the body, hereditary factors and such.

Depression often leads many individuals to their death mostly through suicide. Most suicidal victims are first products of unchecked depression. It is a well known condition; because at one point or the other, most people have experienced depression in one capacity or the other.

How To Deal With Depression

Depression in many individuals is a temporary condition which usually passes after a while. However others constantly live in this state of depression and cannot seem to shake it off on their own and therefore require one form of therapy or the other.

However the case may be, depression is a terrible condition which should not be taken lightly. It is responsible for a large number of deaths in the past and would most likely do the same in the future when not properly handled.

Signs Of Depression

Those who suffer from this condition often exhibit symptoms like extreme irritation, emotional and physical energy drain, sleep disorders they tend to over sleep or not sleep at all; they are withdrawn and would rather prefer isolation and solitude to any form of socializing.

Their emotions are in constant conflict and turmoil which greatly affects their daily routines and performances. Anxiety is also a by- product of this disorder. They often experience restless and uneasy feelings, irrational fears and worry about situations and events which are out of their control.

Sometimes the cause of depression can be clearly known: it could be due to pregnancy, loss of a loved one or thing, failure, bullying, obesity and general unpleasant circumstances or occurrences which have to be dealt with in everyday living. Other times people may go into a state of depression for unexplainable reasons. They physically have no reason as to why they find themselves in such a state. For a few others depression is termed a mental disorder which they have to be frequently treated for.

Some people end up living with such conditions almost throughout their life time having to be subjected to various forms of medical remedies.

How To Deal With Depression At Work

The feeling of depression sometimes could be as a result of the situations we find ourselves in or other times it could be associated with the kind of environment we find ourselves in per time. People can find themselves coming into a state of depression when they are in a certain kind of environment. The mere thought of having to return to such places could trigger feelings of depression; such environments could be schools or work places.

In dealing with depression at work, it could be one of two scenarios; you could just be generally depressed within and out of the work place or your depression is in one way or the other linked to your work place. Since depression is characterized by anger, constant irritation, sadness, gloominess and the likes. It is naturally going to spill and affect all other areas of your life which includes your work relationships and performance.

When depression creeps in, you are most definitely aware so seeing depression for the problem it really is, is the first step. Making efforts to get help is the next in line. Help could come in the form of seeing a medical specialist and getting the necessary attention or in the form of sharing your thoughts and emotions with people who love and care about you and letting them help you get through such situations. It could be close friends or family.

In cases where your depression is tied to your working conditions or environment then it is most advisable that you change your environment. When it becomes quite obvious that your work community is the reason behind your repeated state of depression staying away is often the safest choice to make.

Such an environment is a very unhealthy one at least for you and situations will likely get worse. Leave such an environment in favor of one that sees you doing what you love and are passionate about. Your mental and physical well being is a treasure which cannot be quantified.

How to deal with depression and anxiety

Before sourcing out methods to deal with depression and anxiety, one often has to first want to be cured of such conditions; anxiety most often than not goes hand in hand, with depression.

Recognize the condition for what it is, speak out and seek help. Get in touch with a therapist who understands your condition. Medical professionals will often be able to properly diagnose your case and get you on medications and therapy if need be. Those with a mental or hereditary condition of depression and anxiety are mostly placed on various kinds of anti-depressants to help give them the necessary balance. Seeing a medical professional will surely go a long way in dealing with this condition.

Also when attempting to beat depression at the very least, get in contact with people who have been through similar situations in the past and have overcome them. Depression is a state that has led many into terrible situations and sometimes results in death. Refuse to ignore this condition it is best to fight it from within and with as much external support as you can get.

How To Deal With Depression Without Medication

Several people are opposed to taking any form of medication when dealing with depression. This is quite possible and has worked for a number of people. You could approach depression from other non-medical angles like: getting self help materials and building up your mind and self image. It is a strategy that has been known to help.

Depression is first an attack on your mind and thoughts. If these two are properly protected and kept in check the frequency of depression is kept at bay. Secure books and resources which help you build your mind and thoughts. Develop a mental shield strong enough to withstand events and situations which could naturally send you into a depressed state. This approach is by no means a day’s job it takes time, hard work, mentorship and relentless commitment. It is however worth a try.

In dealing with depression one could also seek religious or spiritual help. For religious folks this strategy has recorded several positive results. People have been known to find healing and respite from such conditions through prayer and spiritual communication with God and God related people and materials. Reading spiritual books and communing with the spiritual can help with depression for believers and in several cases non believers alike.

These two approaches do not necessarily work for every individual experiencing depression; it is targeted at a select few. If such strategies do not work for you, then it is highly recommended that you seek medical help as soon as possible.

How To Deal With Depression In A Relationship

In this case it is wise to be absolutely sure your relationship has nothing to do with your current state of depression.

If such is the case, leaving the relationship altogether could just be the first and major step to dealing with depression. Staying in an unhappy or abusive relationship in many situations has prompted depression. Emotional and physical abuse brings on a feeling of sadness and worthlessness and this has thrown many into a state of depression.

In situations where you surround yourself with toxic individuals who constantly belittle and talk down on you, by every means necessary break away from such relationships because they are dangerous for your physical and mental well being.

Recognize how much you are worth and don’t try to conform to things you are not happy with. Walk away from such company this may just be all you need to rise above that depressive state.

How To Deal With Depression During The Holidays

Depression during the holidays could perhaps be brought on by loneliness and being in an idle state. It is therefore important to come up with fun and happy activities to fill your holiday with. Go out meet new people, meet up with friends and family and just enjoy the company of another human being. This could be the kind of drug you require.

Engage in activities that you enjoy and feel pleased doing. Stay away from the stress and pressure of making things perfect at all cost and focus more on enjoying your holidays with friends and family and creating great memories.

How To Deal With Depression And Anxiety Alone

Severe states of depression should not be dealt with alone. Having a confidant and support in such times is very important. Walking through depression with support is much easier than walking alone. Some cases of mild depression can be fought alone and it goes away in no time. Mentally developing yourself could also help in some instances.

But in serious cases of persistent depression and deeply rooted anxiety, it is always best to seek help. Anxiety and depression are critical issues which should be uncovered and dealt with and this happens faster and more efficiently not by being alone but by having a solid support system.