How To Fight Depression: Natural Ways to Fight Depression without Medication

Updated January 12, 2014 – How To Fight Depression: Natural Ways to Fight Depression without Medication

Depression is an illness of the mind. So, when you are depressed, you never notice any physical manifestations. Rather all you undergo are emotional imbalances and disturbances which have a detrimental effect on all aspects of your everyday life afterwards. In most cases, depression emerges when a person experiences unpleasant occurrences such as losing a very beloved one, losing a job, feeling lonely or forlorn and so on. One erroneous thought many people nurse in their minds is that the only way by which one can overcome depression is by seeking medication (through the use of anti-depressants).

This is very wrong as there are many proven tips on how to fight depression after a breakup or other unpleasant occurrences without the use of medications. These tips are discussed in this article.

Keep yourself happy always

This remains the golden advice for those who seek tips on how to fight depression. Since the cause of virtually all cases of depression is an unpleasant event which saddens the mind, the best thing for you to do when depressed is to make yourself happy. How can you do this? Try figuring out those things which you have a passion for or those things which you are always very happy doing. For example, if you love to read novels, pick one up whenever you feel depressed. If you love chatting via the internet, try connecting with any internet chat room of your choice whenever you feel depressed. By doing those things which make you happy, you will gradually eliminate those depressive thoughts.

Eat healthy foods

You may be surprised at this but I am telling you with absolute certitude that the food you eat also plays a very significant role on your mood at any point in time. Even though, loss of appetite is one of the common symptoms of depression, you should try as much as possible to eat some healthy foods, especially those which have been scientifically proven to have anti-depressant effects. These include foods such as fruits, green leafy vegetables, fiber-rich foods and those foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This is another golden tip on how to fight depression without medication.

Engage in regular exercise

By engaging in exercises such as jogging and bicycling every morning or evening, your body and mind will remain in good shape and you will be able to overcome depression fast. How exactly does exercise exert this effect? When you are depressed or emotionally stressed, your body production of certain chemical substances (epinephrine and endomorphins) increase. If these substances remain in high amounts in your body, you keep feeling depressed. However, by engaging in adequate exercise, the body levels of these chemical substances are returned back to normal.

Be optimistic

Pessimism is one of those factors which fuel depression. However, by developing a positive mindset about everything, you will be able to overcome depression and get on with your life. A counselor or psychotherapist will be very helpful in this regard.

Are you feeling depressed? Do you know someone who is? Try adopting the aforementioned tips and you will see a positive change very soon!

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