How To Help Someone With Depression, Anxiety And Addiction

how to help someone anxiety depression

How To Help Someone With Depression, Anxiety And Addiction

Depression is a state of mind experienced by many, young and old it is characterized by unpleasant feelings and emotions. This condition could be infrequent in the cases of some and a frequent occurrence in the lives of others it all depends on the source of depression.

A lot of people suffer from this condition although the frequency and the type of depression may often differ. The effect however is usually the same in most people. Those suffering from chronic depressions often court the idea of dying or suicide. Some go as far as attempting suicide repeatedly and sadly; many are successful in their attempt.

Depression and subsequent suicide has become an issue of concern in our world today. It is for this reason that we are encouraged not to ignore the signs of depression in ourselves as well as in other people.

Depressed people exhibit a host of emotions and symptoms all depending on the kind of depression in question. Many people are able to walk through depression by themselves and overcome it while others need as much help and encouragement as they can get.

Those who are depressed constantly have their minds dwelling on negative and harmful thoughts. They lose all interest in the pleasures of life and living. They are overwhelmed with feelings of hatred, guilt, self doubt, anger, emptiness, hopelessness, and exhaustion both emotionally and physically. The longer these feelings last, the more dangerous the situation becomes, the more necessary it becomes to see a specialist and get help.

Depression is not to be overlooked or taken lightly. If you are in a state of constant and repeated depression or know someone who is, it is best to get help or be a source of help however the case may be.

How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety

Anxiety is something everyone deals with very often however it becomes an issue when it gets excessive. It becomes a disorder when individuals display basic physical characteristics of danger for a non-existent threat. Like profuse sweating, accelerated heart rate, extreme fear and worry etc.

The best ways to be of help to a person who is depressed and suffers from anxiety is to love and support them. Show them that you are there for them no matter what and continuously reassure them of your stand and commitment to helping them get through their current state. Get as much information as you can about the situation so you know the best approach to take with regards to their particular level of depression and anxiety.

Make an attempt to get to the root of possible causes of their current state. Understand that the condition in which they find themselves is not necessarily of their own doing and therefore the situation is hard on them the most.

Do not get angry at them because they will definitely display qualities that make it easy for such emotions to be provoked in you. Displaying the same negative energy as them will get you no way. It is quite easy for their feeling of depression and anxiety to be passed to you as well so take extra care of your mind and thoughts and make a conscious attempt not to get frustrated or lose hope as well.

Finally don’t abandon them try your best to convince them to get help get before further harm comes to them. The longer this conditions stay untreated the more difficult and dangerous it becomes. Get them professional help and go with them if need be.

How To Help Someone With Depression And Addiction

Addiction and depression are known to often go hand in hand with each other. Most people who suffer from depression may become addicted to one form of drug or the other in the bid to feel good and get rid of depression howbeit temporary. The same thing applies vise versa. Many addicts sink into a state of depression which could be due to the effects of unsuccessfully trying to beat their addiction or the negative things they find themselves doing to meet and addictive need.

When helping someone who suffers from any kind of addiction or depression, it is important to know that you cannot force them to get help. They have to want it for themselves it cannot be imposed. So the first step would be trying to convince them and making them see the error of their ways. They have to make the decision to want to be better it is the only way forward.

It is not done by criticizing and imposing your will on them but by creating an atmosphere of love and trust. This is quite difficult to achieve considering addicts and depressed folks are not the most rational people to get along with. But this approach is necessary to make any kind of progress.

Fighting an addiction as well as depression is hard work and not many people are willing to try. It requires a high level of discipline, perseverance and commitment. Many addicts would rather live in denial than take that leap. It is left for you to show such people that they won’t be taking that step of change alone but will have complete support from you no matter what happens or how many times they have a relapse.

Depression and addiction is a lethal combo people suffering from both should be encouraged to seek the necessary help and not be pushed away.

How To Help Someone With Depression Get Out Of Bed

Usually lack of motivation and zeal is a major sign of depression. Depressed people would rather lie around idle than make an attempt to get anything done. They suffer high level of energy drain both physically and emotionally. They often require encouragement to do just about anything including getting out of bed.

Be understanding and sympathetic with their current state. Avoid trading harsh words and making insulting remarks. You could entice them with promises of fun and excitement. Arrange visits and outings to places you know they enjoy and love. Make them feel needed request their help to fulfill a particular task. It is uplifting when they see you rely on them and have confidence in their ability.

How To Help Someone With Depression At Christmas

Christmas is a festive time of the year greatly anticipated by many. It is a period of celebration of the birth of Christ. And this season brings lots of joy and happiness.

By pulling a person who is depressed into the celebration you could very well be helping them out of their mood. Depend on them to fulfill tasks and let them help you out in whatever capacity they can.

But above all be kind and loving don’t let their emotions and actions get to you. Show genuine care and affection don’t leave them out of the festivities. Get them gifts invite them over to be in the atmosphere of happiness and love.

How To Help Someone With Depression Who Doesn’t Want Help

Getting help of any kind for someone who does not want to be helped is a near impossible task. Depression is a state of mind it is not a physical condition but more of an emotional one. Therefore a depressed individual has to want to be helped he/she cannot be forced.

The only solution would be to convince such individuals and make them see the dangers and hazards of their condition should it remain unaddressed. Without judgment or criticism make them realize what their current state is doing to not just themselves but those people around too.

You have to work on their mind. Creating an environment of trust, love and communication is basically the only way you can convince someone who does not want to be helped out of depression. The more trust grows the easier it becomes to reach them. The more convinced they are of your love, the more likely it becomes to help them get treatment.

It works out in some cases and unfortunately it does not work out in other cases. But do not be discouraged keep trying anyway their life may depend on it.

How To Help Someone With Depression Over Text (Using Phone Sms)

Sending a message to someone who is in a depressed state is not going to solve the problem. But it is certainly uplifting to such people knowing they matter enough to be constantly in your thoughts. Sending continuous messages of love and understanding could work miracles.

The content of such messages should be a repeated re-affirmation of your love and faith in them. They should be reassured of your presence, understanding and support. Knowing they are not going at it alone makes the situation a little better.

Your messages should be a voice of positivity countering those negative voices and thoughts which they are over whelmed with. The text messages should remind them of who they truly are and not what depression says they are. Remind them of past victories and how much you are convinced of their strength and ability to overcome anything.

These messages can be read as many times as possible by the targeted party and that is what makes it very helpful. They may forget things you have said to encourage them but a text massage can be viewed without stress as many times as possible.