Top 10 Signs of Depression in Men and Treatment Options

Top 10 Signs of Depression in Men and Treatment Options

Even though there are more cases of depression in women than there are in men, the symptoms as well as the damage done is to the same degree in both cases. In other words, depression could equally be as devastating in men as it is in women.

Due to this reason, it is very important that quick attention should be given to depressed men. In this article, you will learn the various signs of depression in men. If you notice any of these signs in yourself or in someone else, no doubt, depression is lurking around.

  1. Fatigue: this is when you feel tired very easily. Sometimes, you feel very weak and tired even without engaging in any form of physical activity (such as when you wake up in the morning feeling too wake to rise to your feet).
  2. Oversleeping/Under-sleeping: when you notice that you sleep too much or less than you do on a normal day, you may have become depressed as this is also one of the many symptoms of male depression.
  3. Body aches: when you are depressed you start feeling some aches and pains in various parts of your body such as stomach, head and back. Usually, such pains when felt, cannot be traced to any cause in particular.
  4. Loss of appetite: when you are depressed, one of the signs by which you know this is that you have no appetite for food – not even for your favorite delicacies. Even when you eat, you take very little amounts which are much less that what you normally eat.
  5. Withdrawal: this is undoubtedly one of the most obvious signs of depression in men after divorce, loss of a loved one or any other unpleasant occurrence. The victim prefers to stay all alone in isolation to mixing with people.
  6. Loss of concentration: when you notice that you can no longer concentrate on brief tasks, more especially those things in which you used to find fun before, then you may have fallen victim to depression.
  7. Anger/hostility: when you are depressed, you get angry at the slightest provocation and you become hostile, even to relatives at times. This behavioral change is due to the psychological imbalances that occur during depression.
  8. Substance abuse: one of the signs by which you will know that you or someone else is depressed is the consumption of unduly large amounts of substances such as alcohol and tobacco. So, you see a depressed person drinking himself to stupor or smoking sticks and sticks of cigarettes.
  9. Sexual dysfunction: just as this is also one of the signs of stress in men, it is also indicative of depression. A depressed man finds it hard to get an erection. In fact, he does not get aroused in the first place! Even when he manages to get an erection, he soon loses it again. When this starts to happen to you, then check yourself as this is a sign of stress, anxiety and depression.
  10. Suicidal thoughts: a depressed person contemplates suicide due to lost hopes. Depression breeds pessimism, which in turn instigates suicidal thoughts in the depressed person.

Aforementioned are the most notable signs of depression in men. Now that you have known them, help yourself or your friend by finding a solution whenever you notice any of these signs.

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