Common Signs Of Depression in Women and Treatment Options

Common Signs Of Depression in Women and Treatment Options

More cases of depression are reported in women than in men. In fact, according to scientific studies, women are almost two times more likely to suffer depression than men. In addition to this, women are more prone to depression at some specific stages of their lives such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause. These are no doubt, periods during which very marked hormonal changes occur in their bodies. Also, another reason behind the increased frequency of cases of depression in women relative to those of men is that they are emotionally weaker than men and find it harder to get back on track afterwards than men do. What are the signs of depression in women? How can depression in women be treated? The answers to these questions will be offered in this article. Just read on…

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Loss of Appetite

One of the many symptoms of depression in women is loss of appetite. The affected woman just does not feel like eating anything – not even when she is terribly hungry, not even when served her most coveted dishes. This leads to many secondary detrimental effects on her health such as general weakness, dehydration and so on. If appropriate solutions are not sought on time, it may get to a stage whereby the woman may lack the capacity to take food by herself. When this happens, only through intravenous means can food substitutes be passed into her body.

Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

Another symptom of depression in women is insomnia (sleeplessness). This is when the woman keeps awake all the time – even during the late hours of the night. Instead of sleeping, as is expected of her, the affected woman remains in a pensive mood for many hours. This results in accumulated stress and undue pressure on all systems of the body due to lack of rest.


Withdrawal is also one of the depression symptoms in women. This is when the depressed woman prefers to be alone rather than being in the company of others. This also leads to more psychological damage.

Other symptoms of depression in women include

  • restlessness (when she just cannot concentrate on a single task for long)
  • aches and pains – such as in the abdomen and other parts of the body which cannot be traced to any cause medically and sluggishness.

Depression is at work when you see a woman just got delivered of a baby feeling sad and pensive instead of feeling delighted and elated like her friends and family members. Also depression is the culprit when you see a woman who just entering the menopausal age and losing appetite, finding it hard to sleep and so on. Depression will also set in when a woman suffers a breakup, a divorce and so on.

Treatment of Depression in Women

So, what is the best way to help depressed women overcome the condition?

  • Affected women should engage in those things which make them feel happy.
  • Also, they should be made to mix with people they love being with (ordinarily) rather than being left to remain alone.
  • Healthy diet, regular exercise and
  • consulting a psychotherapist/ counselor will go also play significant roles in helping depressed women get better.

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