Treating Depression Naturally: : How To Treat Depression Without Drugs or Medication

Treating Depression Naturally: : How To Treat Depression Without Drugs or Medication

Are you of the erroneous mindset that drugs are the only solutions to depression and that there are no known ways of treating depression without drugs? If you answer in the affirmative, please cast that thought off your mind now. In reality, drugs have just a temporary effect on depression. Also, most anti-depressant drugs can be addictive. So, why should you get a temporary solution to a problem when lasting solutions are readily available? Why must you get yourself in another problem in your quest for a solution to the one you already have? Moreso, why must you spend your hard-earned cash on drugs when much better and much cheaper anti-depression solutions abound? In this article, you will learn the various ways of treating depression naturally.

Firstly, one of the best ways by which you can deal with depression naturally is to figure out the root cause. If you are feeling depressed, try finding out the main reason why you are feeling depressed. Is it because you just lost you mother and the rest of your future seems gloomy? Is it because you just got laid off from the job you had put a lot of commitment into? Is it because your fiancé/fiancée whom you had loved so much just jilted you? Is it because you have once been sexually or otherwise abused at some point in time in the past? Is it because… and the list of possible questions goes on. This step is very important and it must NOT be skipped as you may never get a solution! Of course, you will agree with me that the easiest way to solving a problem is finding out the cause of the problem.

Another very proven natural way to treat depression is to get yourself engaged in fun activities whenever you feel depressed. Rather than lock yourself up in a room or staying in a silent, secret place all alone, try hanging out and have a chat with your friends. If you love watching documentaries, why not tune to those TV channels where you can watch them? If pets thrill you, why not get one around you to gladden your heart? If you enjoy playing basketball or tennis, it will help you a lot if you go out to the court and enjoy yourself. So, in a nutshell, by getting yourself involved in those activities which make you happy, you will be able to overcome depression within a short time frame.

Diet and exercise also play very good roles in eliminating depression. By eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acid sources, you will gradually overcome stress. This is because all these foods have natural anti-depressant effects. Also, engaging in adequate exercise regularly will help bring your body back to normal after feeling depressed.

Finally, another way of treating depression naturally is to use herbs for depression. These are much better substitutes than the anti-depressant drugs which usually exert temporary effects and also have many side effects. By trying out the aforementioned anti-depression solutions, you will be able to save lots of cash whilst still getting your mood in better shape.

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